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Pride+Poetry Featured Reader Series: M.R. Morrison

This week, we'll be posting poems from each of our featured readers headlining the New Cumberland Pride Pride+Poetry event. Join us Friday 7/22 at 6:30 outside the New Cumberland Library for an open mic followed by our main event. Check out the New Cumberland Pride Guide to find out all the awesome stuff going on Saturday at the first annual Pride Picnic!

M.R. Morrison is a New Cumberland poet and visual artist who draws inspiration from land and lineage. Her work explores the boundaries of self and spirit, playfully mingling intuition and craft. They enjoy exploring the outdoors barefoot, feeding those she calls family, and reading in the evening by a fire.


Numerous as the dust of the earth

Thinking from left to right escaping gravity through film Dear agony, I thank you for what you have taught me of your brother, bliss. We don’t know our own traditions, “light the fire in the thicket,” ecstatic pilgrimage in deep delta blues deep fried in their habits. If you can’t say the words you let them drip from your fingers like grease from a corner shop's burger and fries, with the silent dignity of buttonholes our senses shifting their animistic participation hearing voices from marks and forms crafted from the lips of those men who wove creation and sin inseparable.

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