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Introducing: It's Always Saturn (a podcast)


You, over there. Take a gander up there. At the menu. It's a new page!

We cordially invite you to listen to our new podcast!

It will feature contributors to the site and participants from live shows.

Our first guest is music writer Karl Arney, who you'll know from his excellent reviews. In this episode, he comes in hot off a Roots concert beside our favorite non-navigable river, the Susquehanna.

Apple and Google are hard at work adding the show to their catalogs. In the meantime, you can chug it straight out of the bottle right here.

We're definitely still learning cast craft, and we appreciate your willingness to take the journey with us as we iron out the wrinkles and level out the volume.

In this episode, Karl mentions a new album with Black Thought and Danger Mouse, which you can preorder here. He also mentions an Adult Swim show in Philly happening THIS WEEKEND. If you're nearby, you should definitely check it out.

Shout out to guest writer and friend of the site, Cristion O'Leary-Rockey, for his excellent work composing, recording, and child-wrangling on the theme song.

You'll also see that we created a Patreon. We'll never monetize RRR, but we welcome any support in getting the goods out to you.

Don't forget; it's always Saturn.

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