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Episode 7: Hyena Skits

It was an unspeakable delight to interview this group of friends, old and new, who came together in the most magical way to create their first two films for Vidjam. Enjoy my chat with film team members Juan, Danny, Muf, Susan, Raymond, Carol, and Yanni.

If you're over 18 in the Harrisburg area and have a talent as a model, actor, content creator, designer, event planner, or artist, come through TRi-99's open casting call Sunday October 30th from 12-3 at 100 N. 10th St. Participants receive a free headshot.

Watch Right is Right, winner of Filmmaker's Choice, Audience Choice, and Best First Time Filmmakers Award at Lancaster Vidjam.

Check out Hyena Skits!

Watch Britt, winner of Audience Choice and Best Use of Props.

See more films on the Vidjam archives channel!

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From Raven Rabbit Ram:

Check out Whimsical Horror from Pat Kelly and M.R. Morrison.

Check out Opgensames Productions' debut film, Lush, winner of Best Story and Best Artistic Direction at Harrisburg's 2022 Vidjam of Horror.

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