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Episode 5: Alison Lubar

Today's podcast features poet Alison Lubar, who was featured in Raven Rabbit Ram!

Alison Lubar teaches high school English by day and yoga by night. They are a queer, nonbinary, mixed-race femme whose life work (aside from wordsmithing) has evolved into bringing mindfulness practices, and sometimes even poetry, to young people. Their debut chapbook, Philosophers Know Nothing About Love, is out now with Thirty West (May 2022); their second, sweet euphemism, is forthcoming with CLASH!, an imprint of Mouthfeel Press, in 2023. You can find out more at or on Twitter @theoriginalison.

During our conversation, they were kind enough to give us some sweet literary recommendations. Here are the details:

Mandy Moe Pwint Tu - and @mandrigall on Twitter

Christina Rosso-Schneider and A Novel Idea (bookstore in Philadelphia) and @Rosso_Christina on Twitter

Shannon Frost Greenstein, @ShannonFrostGre on Twitter and personal website:

Josh Dale, EIC of Thirty West Publishing (Mandy's chapbook, and also mine), as well as @jdalewrites on Twitter

Her chap can be found here: and I have a new chap launching in March 2023 with CLASH!, the chapbook imprint of Mouthfeel Press.

Alison also mentions the upcoming Mad Poets Festival, so please give that some thought if it's in your geographic radius.

In the intro, I mentioned a poetry reading at Elementary Coffee this Friday, September 30th. You can learn more about this event here.

I also mentioned the upcoming Vidjam screening October 23rd.


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