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Episode 4: Christine O'Leary

The extraordinarily gifted Christine O'Leary joins us to talk about our titular subject Saturn. Christine is a Harrisburg-based poet, artist, magician, philosopher, and educator.

If you're into gnosticism, Thelema, astrology, tarot, magick theory, or philosophy this is definitely the episode for you. Christine brings her subject matter expertise ranging from her own experiential intuitive insights to her Christian seminary education and degree to her orientation to the mind founded in academic research.

She is the author of poetry collection, The 3 Faces of Brahman, the upcoming An Anthem for her Face. See her read at the upcoming OK Zoomers virtual event with Mad Poets Society on September 19th. Click here to read more about the features and register to attend!

She is co-authoring a book on magick with your host, Christina Lengyel, and currently in collaboration for a children's book about a very sweet monster.

We don't even begin to touch on poetry, so if that's your bag, please stay posted. We will definitely be having her back on the program to touch on more topics.

Please check out Christine's poetry and clocks at her website, and register to see her read Monday September 19th at our virtual event with Mad Poets Society. You can find her on Instagram @christine_oleary_ and see her visual art in person at King's Courtyard Artist Collective in York, PA.


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