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Eat, Read, and Ride

I have a few disjointed things to mention, and I don’t have a rhetorical device to thread them together. So here they are, a few recommendations for food, reading, and listening from your gal Paris of Harrisburg.

Check These Out:

Located at Broad Street Market, Evanilla Donuts will blow your hole. In the fall, we received a gift card along with a bag of coffee from Elementary (which is worth a whole separate write-up) and just got around to spending it when the New Year’s tradition of eating round food was brought to our attention. I am NOT a donut person. Sweet breakfast just doesn’t do it for me and never has. Evanilla just made itself a standout exception to that rule. I was especially taken with their cranberry orange flavor, but I was so delighted with what I sampled that I am pretty sure I would eat a flavor called “Stuff We Found in the Garbage” as long as it came from their case. Broad Street Market for me was like Chik-Fil-A (before we all caught on Chik-Fil-A was an asshole) in that I only ever thought about it on days it wasn’t open. Since I tried these donuts, I do not forget. It’s Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and I am an adult, so I get to decide if that counts as a balanced lunch for my family or not. This week, they had peanut m&m’s on some, so… ya know… protein.

If you saw our post about the Farm Show, you may be a little confused. Wasn’t it written by Cristion O’Leary-Rockey? Yes, yes it was, and, yes, they are absolutely related. While we won’t deny nepotism here, we really do think they’re just a talented family. (Don’t get me started on the littlest one’s painted clocks.) Christine O’Leary-Rockey is the prolifically accomplished matriarch of the group, and she’s been featured on Raven Rabbit Ram for her poetry in the past. You can find her reading most Thursdays at HMAC with other local artists like our recent feature, Rick Kearns. Her fiction, however, is far more elusive, so I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw this posted to her website–it’s a banger. “John 1.1” is an absolute deluge of gorgeous gnostic imagery and feminist teeth. We’ll be featuring more of her work soon but in the meantime, do not miss this piece.

I heard another song by Miss Polachek in the car today, and it was heaped with Imogen vibes, shitty dad-joke level pun completely intended. I loved it. But also it just got my brain knocked into the groove of Raven Rabbit Ram’s unofficial anthem, “Bunny is a Rider.” I am pretty confident I could never get sick of it, and I have certainly pushed the boundaries of that hypothesis. If you’d like to hear more favorites, you can always check out the RRR playlist on Spotify, which we keep over on the Links and Dates page.

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