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A While

It's been a while, and it'll be a while.

If you follow Raven Rabbit Ram or It's Always Saturn, then you have probably already noticed we've been quiet for some time. The fact of the matter is, this publication is a labor of love, and as the editor, I just don't have the bandwidth right now to keep up production.

We will absolutely be back when time allows. We're planning to keep holding quarterly OK Zoomers virtual readings with Philadelphia area Mad Poets Society, and we'd love to see you there. We'll also keep the website updated with any live events we do in the Harrisburg area.

One thing in the works is a print version of RRR, including some of what has been published already and some new stuff from our contributors. If you'd like to submit your work for that, please email us at

Follow our individual contributors to keep up with them. For me, the editor, you can follow me on Instagram to see what I am up to!

Take good care of yourselves and each other. Sending lots of love out into the ether for whosoever should find RRR!

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