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Life and Love on the Susquehanna

Paris started with a dream in which an ostensibly brief and spontaneous stint filling in for a friend at a sex hotline turned into an advice column and lifestyle brand.

Advice is the only part that really stuck. Catering to the needs of Central Pennsylvanians, Paris wants to be your trusted advisor and tastemaker, like your friend's older sister with the cool shoes. But like your friend's older sister, take her with a heaping spoonful of salt. She might not like the same things as you or act the way you would, and she could be a little buzzed. After all, most therapists aren't even dumb enough to give advice.

You'll find advice columns and unsolicited opinions of local relevance appearing in the Raven Rabbit Ram blog feed. If you'd like to submit an advice question, please fill out the form below.

Paris is happy to feature guest writers. If you want to try your hand at answering a question, please submit your interest by emailing

Thanks for submitting!

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