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Raven Rabbit Ram is born out of the desire to break free of algorithms. Creation has intrinsic value. We do not require permission to create things in the liminal space of purpose. We do not submit to technocratic, consumerist rules. Our sentences may be long, and there may be a lot of them. If you're here, welcome, and thank you for coming.

Here, we don't believe in limiting the self in an endlessly narrowing tunnel of specialization. We believe in well-rounded, sloppy, curious passion. We might publish poems, offer relationship advice, give restaurant recommendations, sing you a song, teach you, or meet you in person. Maybe we do it in text, images, videos, live shows, or something else.

Because people aren't one thing. Contrary to the doctrine of corporate motivational speakers and the infinite barrage of pseudo-scientific, pseudo-spiritual and sub-par self-help innovations, we don't believe you're one good idea away from the eternal stasis of your best life. Welcome to you, and your problematic, too much, not enough, talented ball of human potential. Let it roll at exactly the pace of time while you're here, and wipe the ashes off your feet when you leave.

Light up!

Would you like to be published in Raven Rabbit Ram? We're currently accepting rolling submissions of writing, visual art, or any other creation you can finagle onto a website. Send your work our way by emailing it to

If you'd like to commission work from any of our contributors, head on over to their bio for contact info.

Please use the form to the right for general inquiries or to submit a question for Paris of Harrisburg. (Don't worry. Paris problems are kept anonymous.)

Thanks for submitting!

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